A comedy of errors with identical quadruplets, separated at birth, coming together as adults.  The quadruplets of a rich family are separated at birth by a jealous uncle. One of them ends up with the real father, and grows up to be a suave millionaire. The other three end up in various places: one becomes a fireman, another a wedding cook, and the last a thug. The thug is coincidentally hired to bump off the millionaire, who in the meantime switches places with the fireman.

Kamal Hasan once again shows what it takes to be a good actor, comedian, and a perfect executor.
The story maybe unrealistic but the execution by the director (of Pushpak fame) is remarkable. Also, the screenplay and music is good.
The songs are also fantastic! God bless Kamal Hasan his charm constantly strikes to impress us throughout the movie as he specializes in all the four characters that he plays. Hats off to the effects, too!

An excellent entertainer movie !!



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