A Breakthrough movie for Haasan – Apoorva Raagangal

Haasan’s breakthrough as a lead actor came in the 1975 drama Apoorva Raagangal, in which he played a rebellious youth in love with an older woman.

A young man and an older woman fall in love and decide to marry. It turns out that his father is in love with the same woman’s daughter. Can they all come to terms with this development?

It has also been widely described as having been inspired by the American film 40 Carats (1973).

Apoorva Raagangal was controversial upon release as it examines relationships between people with wide age gaps, which challenged Indian social mores. The film is about Prasanna (Kamal) who falls in love with the older Bhairavi (Srividya) while his father is drawn to Bhairavi’s daughter Ranjini (Jayasudha). The rest of the film revolves around the four characters and their problems.

The movie became a critical and commercial success. It won three National Film Awards and three Filmfare Awards South. It was later remade by Balachander in Hindi as Ek Nai Paheli with Kamal and Hema Malini as the leads, and in Telugu as Thoorpu Padamara.

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