Ulaganayagan’s take on OSCARS 2016

With Oscars 2016 being the talk of the town, Kamal Haasan also appraised it in his style. On his recently created Twitter platform, Ulaganayagan was lauding his favorites.

Kamal said that two of his favorite ventures ‘The Revenant’ and ‘Madmax’ are ruling the Oscars for the most right reason and also appreciated the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra for looking beautiful and confident.

He added few nice words for his favorite actor Tom Hardy as well.

‘The first award in the bag for cinematography. My favorite 2 films Revenant &Madmax(in that order) r reigning Oscars for the right reasons.‘ he posted.

‘Priyanka looks confident & lovely.The top of my favourite actors list has Tom Hardy’s name on it. Keep rocking Tom’, Kamal lauded.

And concluded with ‘Well not this time Tom. Rylance in Bridge of spies was good too . You though will come back again.So next time or the next after that Cheers’.

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