Versatility is Kamal Haasan …


appu raja_1443867779_725x725


Kamal Haasan’s experiments with his looks in his films are well known. In the film Appu Raja, he turned into a dwarf! Appu Raja was the Hindi version of hit Tamil film Apoorva Sagodharargal which had the actor in double roles of Appu and Raja. Unlike some other actors, Kamal Haasan created history by playing a dwarf who was almost half his original height. The excellence with which he played the role was exceptional making the Tamil flick one of the longest running films in the history of Tollywood



In Vishwaroopam, Kamal Haasan played two roles poles. One of the costliest films which created quite a stir due to its content was a success and showed Haasan in two different avatars – a classical dance teacher who loves cooking and an undercover RAW agent who fights the terrorists. None other than Kamal Haasan can so easily justify the two diverse roles with such finesse. The actor never ceases to surprise his fans with his unseen versions.



Known for walking the extra mile for his roles, Kamal Haasan set a benchmark for his contemporaries and the next generation by turning a vigilante in the film Indian. The film was dubbed in Hindi with the title Hindustani and the original became India’s entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Awards in 1996. Kamal played double role of a father and his son in the movie and did equal justice to both of them. Kamal and Hollywood make-up artist Michael Westmore’s efforts in shaping the character of the father made the film historic.


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