Kamal’s Best In Tollywood

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Kamal Haasan not just played a double role in Telugu movie Alavandhan, but also portrayed two widely different people in physique. Playing twins in the film which was shot in Hindi as Abhay, Kamal Haasan was seen as a lean cop and his heavily muscular mentally challenged brother. The variation in the two characters was the result of Kamal Haasan’s acting finesse which made both the roles equally convincing. While the fans loved the cop, they ended up hating his twin in the film.


A professional at playing double roles, Kamal Haasan was seen as a corrupt mayor and as a youngster in Telugu film Indrudu Chandrudu. It was dubbed in Hindi as Mayor Sahab. While he easily played the younger man faking his mental breakdown to beat a murder charge, he had to walk another mile to play the Mayor. The actor had once revealed how he had to widen his nostrils with pen caps and put a gum on the upper lip to modify his face. Hats off to Kamal Haasan!


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