Kamal; a great Father …


Kamal Haasan is not just a great artist; he is also a great father in the eyes of his older daughter Shruti Haasan. His face may communicate his deadpan humour and strictness, but five minutes into being with the father and daughter together and you know how much he loves his daughter, who may be amongst the very few people around him who can take liberties with him, though never crossing the line of respect for her father whom she calls Bapuji.


He is not just super bright and evolved, but as a father, he is unconventional, liberal-minded and honest, who has always treated Shruti like a boy and adult, allowing her to make her mistakes and take her decisions. Excerpts from their first ever joint interview together.


Kamal, any memories from the time Shruti was born?

“Just around the time she was born, I had lost all my money due to the various alimony settlements with Vani that I had to pay and had to restart with a zero bank balance. My father thought because of that I should not have a complex, so he started calling Shruti a ‘Millionheiress'”


Do you like any of Shruti’s films?

“No, I don’t think she has done her worth so far and I know that she won’t take offence to my saying this, so I can say that she has not realised her worth yet. I would rather cheer her in the right direction than cheer her for what she has done”.


Shruti: “We have a relationship where I can openly speak to him, but there are certain lines which I will never cross with my father. Having said that, we have had our discussions and he is always like be happy and if you are not, no amount of putting it on paper and promising it in front of God or doing it in front of witnesses is going to save that.”




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