His Best Avatars

Kamal Haasan set a standard for actors portraying women in films with Chachi 420. The beauty and grace with which he played a woman in the film, which was also directed, produced and co-written by him, was commendable. Haasan looked beautiful in a woman’s get-up and played the role with perfection. The way he changed into Tabu’s husband at a short notice, fought the goons wearing a Maharashtrian sari, made the film one of the favourites.


No actor in the Indian film Industry would have played as many double roles as Kamal Haasan. The actor played a double role for the umpteenth time in Tamil movie Anbe Sivam. Yet again, he proved his excellence in the role of a differently-abled Nalla Sivam. He shared the screen space with R Madhavan in the film which was given a cult status by the critics despite its low box office collections. Kamal Haasan’s work outdid all language barriers



Before Kamal Haasan entered the league of serious Hindi films with strong storylines and experimental roles, he was seen and loved as a romantic hero in films like Sadma, Geraftaar, Ek Duuje Ke Liye to name a few. An actor with lean stature, an innocent face and a moustache, Kamal Haasan was perfect for the role of a romantic hero in Bollywood. His role in Sadma topped with innocence was one of the most memorable roles of his career. Kamal Haasan played an 89-year-old Hindu lying on his deathbed in Hey Ram. He revisits his past by telling the tale of partition, riots and his personal loss. Portraying a calm and composed practicing Hindu who takes on the Muslims for killing and raping his wife, Kamal Haasan showed his fans how he can effortlessly transcend from one attitude to other with utmost ease and perfection. Hey Ram, known for its controversial nature, will remain one of the best Hindi films of his career.




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