My father made me an Actor..


Kamal Haasan’s father encouraged him to become an actor.    So, Kamal Hassan is now an inevitable actor in the Indian film industry. At the age of six, the  actor  was seen in the film Kalathur Kannamma, released in 1960.  Kamal Hassan belongs to a Tamil Iyengar family where education had acquired the foremost importance. His unquenchable passion for the movie business started right from that age and was also a very observant child actor right from such a tender age. Kamal Hassan was seen as a child star in films such as Parthal Pasitheerum where he shared his screen with the stalwart, Sivaji Ganeshan. Sivaji Ganeshan’s adoration for Sivaji Ganeshan started from this time. He also did films like Paadha Kanikkai and Vaanambadi in such tender age.Although, he discontinued his studies when he was in the ninth standard, the glow of brilliance could be noticed in his young eyes. In the movie business where conventionality is the name of the game, he created a rebellion of artistic films. Kamal Hassan succeeded and blazed a trial of his own.


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