Kamal Haasan as a singer for Ilaiyaraaja..

Ilaiyaraaja is a respected and beloved veteran music director of Indian film industry. The music maestro has composed over more than 8000 songs and worked in over 1347 films, in a career spanning over three decades. Apart from Tamil, he has also worked in Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films as a music director.

The Versatile actor Kamal Haasan has sung a song for music maestro Ilaiyaraaja. In just half-an-hour’s notice after the singer assigned the job of singing the intricate composition couldn’t rise to the occasion.

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Ilaiyaraaja immediately commanded his assistant to get Kamal Haasan on the phone. Within an hour, the actor reached the recording studio and the song was recorded in thirty minutes. This proves the versatility factor in him. He is not just an actor but also a singer, dancer, choreographer, script writer, director,

Kamal  Haasan being a diehard fan of  Charlie Chaplin sang for the movie  Pankaj Kapoor-starrer “Happi”, which was a tribute to Chaplin. The Tamil genius has paid heartfelt tributes to Chaplin in films like Pushpak and Sagar. He still considerers this as a golden opportunity.


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